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Our Search Engine Marketing plans are custom built not just for the propane industry, but for your market, your needs, your company, and most importantly, your future customers.

The PropaneBoost Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan includes:

Search Engine Optimization Analysis:

Let’s take a look under the hood. This analysis will give us a great idea on what is currently working, what can be tweaked, and what needs to be rebuilt.

Propane Retailer Website Build:

This is the foundation of a great SEM campaign. We specialize in the propane industry, and using an appropriate design, tools, proper optimization for desktop and mobile, excellent copy, and proper call-to-action content are only some of the areas that we would revise and implement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

On top of the new foundation we implement the strategy that is the most important piece of getting you more customers. When users search online for propane providers, studies show that 62% of people click on one of the first three links, and we have proven strategies to get you into that group. There a numerous metrics that go into ranking high in search results, some are very technical, some are basic, but they are always changing. We have taken local retailers from buried in the search results to out-ranking billion dollar companies by implementing SEO strategies and constantly monitoring and adjusting them on a monthly basis.

Blog Posts:

This is a two-fold product that we provide to you. Putting out relevant content on your website not only shows generates interest by the consumer, but it also is a great way to get positive marks by search engines. We work with professional copy writers that have proven to be impressively effective in this industry.

Website Hosting:

We only work with elite servers to host your website that boast over the top security measures, real time monitoring, top-tier speed, and built-in daily backups. Your business deserves all of these features and we wouldn’t tie our name to anything less.


With PropaneBoost, there is no call center overseas. You are talking to us, directly, the same people that encouraged you to take this trip with us. You can hold us accountable because we don’t look good unless you do.

The below add-ons are ways to encourage additional sign ups and interact with customers, but vary greatly depending on your market. We are able to show you how valuable these advertising campaigns can be, and what sort of ROI you can expect.

Online Advertising:

Using Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns on search engines can be an incredibly effective way to generate business. We develop advertising strategies specifically to target keywords that are geared towards the propane industry, and even more targeting to your market. A Wordstream study in 2016 shows that 65% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online. This is more than throwing money on an ad and hoping for the best, this is a process of testing strategies in a smaller way for your market, monitoring the results, and ramping up buy when the best path is clear.

Social Media Content and Advertising:

As part of our effort to introduce you to more customers, running effective social media campaigns is becoming more and more necessary. Not only is it an incredible way to interact with your current and potential customers, but advertising through social media has proven to be very effective when implemented correctly.

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