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Propane Industry Specific Online Marketing

At PropaneBoost, we use proven, industry specific strategies to put your propane company right where you want it to be - in front of potential customers. More traffic, more sign ups, more customer retention- that is what we can offer to you. Let us break it down:

People and businesses continue to rely on search engines in a big way.

A study showed that 89% of shoppers turned to a search engine to start their search. If you pair that with the facts that the first 5 links capture nearly 68% of all organic clicks, and the second and third page results COMBINED account for less than 6% of all clicks, it should be clear where your business needs to be in order to draw attention from customers.

In fact, we specialize in the propane industry because we know how to best help market your business to customers. We have ways to both level the playing field against the national marketers, as well as have your search results more accurately reflect your company by ensuring your business's website is shown higher and more frequently in search engine rankings.

Take a look at what we did for a current customer

Using PropaneBoost strategies, we took Griffis Gas from middle of the pack to stand alone leader in search results in their targeted area. This resulted in an extraordinary 387% increase in new customer acquisitions. View the full report here:


If it involves growing your business online, we handle it. As a full service online marketing company, we help you take advantage of some of the most effective strategies with the highest return on investment, all while focusing on finding propane seeking potential customers for you to acquire.

What is involved?

Search Engine Optimization Analysis

Let’s take a look under the hood. This analysis will give us a great idea on what is currently working, what can be tweaked, and what needs to be rebuilt. This is a no cost way to see how much value we can provide to you right off the bat.

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Web Design

This is the foundation of a great marketing campaign. We specialize in the propane industry, and using an appropriate design, user friendly tools, proper optimization for desktop and mobile, excellent copy, and effective call-to-action content are only some of the areas that we would recommend and implement.

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Search Engine Optimization Implementation

Google, or other search engines, send their crawlers out to your webpage and evaluate it based on numerous and ever changing algorithms. It is our job to create, monitor, and tweak the best SEO strategy we can.

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Blog Posts

This is a two-fold product that we provide to you. Putting out relevant content on your website not only generates interest by the consumer, but it also plays into our SEO strategy as it is positively scanned by the web crawlers.

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Website Hosting

We only work with elite servers to host your website that boast over-the-top security measures, real time monitoring, top-tier speed, and built-in daily backups. Your business deserves all of these features and we wouldn’t tie our name to anything less.

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With PropaneBoost, there is no call center overseas. You are talking to us, directly, the same people that encouraged you to take this trip with us. You can hold us accountable because we don’t look good unless your business does.

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